AP Exotics Luxury & Exotic Car Rentals

It is with great excitement that I introduce my latest business venture, AP Exotics. As a long-time entrepreneur, I am always in search of new opportunities, but most importantly, for new ways to bring value where others don’t. With AP Exotics my partner and I offer some of the World’s most sought after cars for Real Estate professionals, to add value and sales appeal for their Luxury Estate listings.

The main idea behind AP Exotics is, “Luxury Estate Staging, Starts in the Driveway.” What does this mean? It means, if you are an agent who is listing a Luxury property, you have invested thousands of dollars in making sure your property shows elegantly. This usually means paying thousands of dollars to stagers, who create the living experience of the property. But what do all stagers miss? The driveway, the 6 car garage. The areas you see first and have the first opportunity to bring the “Wow” factor.

Luxury Estate Staging, Starts in the Driveway

– AP Exotics

Imagine walking up to your multi-million dollar property, with a pair of McLarens, Lamborghinis, or a Rolls Royce & Bentley, setting the stage to the luxury lifestyle within your property. Now, we’re ready to go inside.

AP Exotics Luxury & Exotic Car Rentals

This is exactly what we offer to a unique set of Real Estate professionals, by adding value and sales appeal where others won’t. Browse the exclusive selection of AP Exotics Luxury & Exotic car rentals. Available for your:

• Photo/Video Shoots
• Property Showing
• Events
• And More

Contact me directly for more details. Remember, “Luxury Estate Staging, Starts in the Driveway”