I Head to Capital Hill with NAHREP Inland Empire to Make Change

What a tremendous blessing & life experience! This week NAHREP Inland Empire came together and collaborated as an impactful team. We were unified and worked together as we presented our objectives with 2 very Powerful women.

I was inspired and so proud to be on the battlefield with 2 absolutely incredible professionals. I can’t express how impressive Sara Mendez Rodriguez was today. Nora Aguirre was amazing when we shared our experience presenting the challenges and solutions. The goal is to attain affordable and sustainable homeownership for the Hispanic community. We have the power.

We set out on a mission to learn, participate, and have a voice. We executed 100% on all levels. This experience has been a powerful one. The conversations we’ve all had have been meaningful, insightful and necessary. We need to work together and collaborate to make changes for our communities. Homeownership is the cornerstone of creating generational wealth.

Again, I am so proud to have been in Washington DC speaking with our elected officials on the importance of funding FHA’s much needed modernization to increase access to low down payment programs in the conventional market, reducing or eliminating loan level price adjustments and supporting homeownership incentives, such as tax credits for low to moderate income homebuyers. We also stressed the importance of reversing the life of loan mortgage insurance currently in place by HUD.

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