Kevin-James Gonzalez on the Richard Listens Show

It’s always a pleasure to share my experiences and being able to help and inspire others. I am very humbled to have been invited as a special guest on the Richard Listens show with Dr. Richard Oelberger. Dr. Richard and I had an amazing conversation about the power of mindset, something I often speak about that I attribute to my journey in Jiu-Jitsu. We go on to speak about how this mindset and experience translates into my everyday life and entrepreneurial existence. Incase you missed the live broadcast, brought to you by AAB – All Access Broadcasting Latino, it is posted below.

Kevin-James Gonzalez & Dr. Richard Oelberger

My experience at the ABB studio was amazing! I made my way to Hollywood California to the Hollywood Production Center for a day of LIVE broadcasting. As many of you may already know, going LIVE is one of my favorite things to do! You can watch my BTS LIVE video as I made my way into the studios on my Facebook Page.

It has been an amazing experience getting to tell my story and have the opportunity to inspire others and tell others about my amazing sponsors and affiliates like Timeless Skin Care, NAHREP SoCal Inland Empire and Shoyoroll. Watch the full episode below and share with others who can use a bit of inspiration!