Connection Videos

Connection videos, are excellent corporate/business videos that can be used to introduce yourself or team member, send customised messages to potential and/or existing clients, create quick updates and invites (public or internal). This type of video is the best way to always stay connected with your audience and customers.

Connection videos are short vignettes that deliver a simple and effective message. Videos range from 15-30 seconds and can be delivered through a series of direct marketing channels; Facebook posts and messages, email campaigns, web display, CRM  and even text messages.

Videos are produced on set at KJG Productions Studio, and include graphics, licensed music and a finished product same day!


There is a non refundable $250.00 dollar consulting fee that must be paid before every appointment
the consulting fee is applied to any packaged purchased within 30 days.

Connection videos start at – $499 each
3 videos for – $999
12 videos for – $2,399 BEST VALUE

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