Facebook Targeted Marketing

Facebook is the King Social Network. It is the social-media platform of choice for the majority of marketer – and for good reason. It is the cheapest alternative to build your brand and create new demand for your products and services, compared to other more costly alternatives with less results. The average American spends about 40 minutes just on Facebook — sharing and Liking content.
Having a business page is not enough, what you may not realize is that less than 0.5 percent of your fans, on average, will actually see your updates.Here’s the truth about marketing on Facebook now: You NEED to use Facebook ads if you want consumers to discover your business.
Facebook can help you get in front of specific, and often motivated, segments of your audience with some powerful ad targeting options you’ve probably never heard of.
We have invested several dollars and days upon days, acquiring the best tools, and knowledge to properly handle your your Facebook marketing campaign to achieve your business goals.


Facebook Marketing Management – $1,200 monthly
This includes:
– Setting up an ad account
– Creating the ads
– Creating audiences, and campaigns by; geographical location, audience demographics and behaviors etc.
– Analyze  data to develop target to drive results
– Monthly reports

If you do not have a Facebook Page, we can set up a Facebook page at no additional cost.

The Price above is only for the Ad Management, and does not include Facebook post management.
Facebook Post management – $300 monthly
This includes:
– 4 posts per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a Weekend Post.
– Basic content creation (photo editing)

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